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Mobilematics makes IT procurement simple. You have a single point of contact who will work with you to ensure you have all you need to quickly deliver the solutions your customers want, while increasing the diversity of your supply chain. Here’s a small sampling of some of the capabilities you can take advantage of:

Streamlined Procurement

With Mobilematics, all the top, high-velocity solutions you need are always at your fingertips. We work with you to analyze your current distributors, suppliers, vendors, and product lines and develop a program that meets your product procurement needs and maximizes the value of your diversity programs. Our streamlined processes and use of electronic data interchange (EDI) makes sure procurement is fast and error free. We also offer a dedicated head count to support a white glove service for those instances when you require special care and treatment.

Complete Visibility

We provide unparalleled visibility into all your deal information to help you increase the efficiency of your supply chain. Our zPlatform provides you data analytics on all product and service purchases, so you can better track your inventory and spot supply chain patterns.


Our reports give you valuable insights into your all your customers’ purchases to help you identify opportunities to accelerate sales development around key product lines and improve the coordination and efficiency of your procurement and support teams. Our monthly diversity spend reports also help you see how you are tracking against your diversity spend goals.

Renewal & Refresh Support

Our zPortal tracks all your customer’s purchases, from hardware to subscriptions, highlighting when customers are coming up for renewal or products are being end of life’d (EOL’d) to support  high re-attach rates. In addition, the portal can help you identify new potential upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Pre-Sales Support

We can help you qualify customers and identify the solutions that will best solve their problems and meet their objectives. We also provide you access to a full breadth of hands-on training, so you and your customers can build the skills and expertise you need to optimize the value of these advanced technologies.

Worldwide Expedited Shipping

With Mobilematics, you can be confident the solutions you order will be there when you need them, with 99.9% order fulfillment efficiency.

Post-Sales Support

We offer a complete array of staging, integration, remote installation and configuration services, at the point of distribution, to help ensure deployments go smoothly. With access to more than 3.6 million square feet of warehousing, Mobilematics offers cost-effective staging facilities in a secure environment that supports your needs.

Automation & eCommerce

We can work with your existing procurement systems and mechanisms and extend them to encompass a wider variety of technology solutions and vendors. Alternatively, you can place orders through Mobilematics’ customized eCommerce program to scale your procurement capabilities.